The Making of a Fashion Show

On Tuesday 19 December, pupils as young as Junior 1 through to the Advanced Higher Art pupils (including those in Form VI who are applying to Art School) took to the stage to offer two Fashion Show performances.

Explosions of colour and textures, new and innovative ways of using recycled materials, were all hallmarks of the Art and Design Department’s third annual Fashion Show. In accordance with popular demand, the show took place in the Drama Studio this year, and the models walked out in front of two full-house audiences.


Behind the scenes at the Fashion Show


Months of preparation had been dedicated to the designs and a special mention must go to the Form II Junk Kouture Club, who had worked hard to create a series of design ideas that were sophisticated beyond their years.

Form III Design pupils had researched materials and textural surfaces, looking at new ways to create Fashion design and hats.

Form VI Advanced Higher pupils showed off their current portfolio work, whilst the Higher Photography class documented all of the preparations.

‘It was not merely the show itself,’ said Mrs Kelly (Head of Art), ’but the making of our Fashion Show that was undoubtedly creative and so much fun.’