The Form II Play: Arabian Nights

Form II transported their audience from the Studio Theatre to a sumptuous palace for two evenings in their heart-warming and hilarious production of Arabian Nights.

After only three weeks of rehearsals, the cast performed several stories from Dominic Cooke’s retelling of the classic tales, told by the cunning and clever Princess Shahrazad (Maythu Pettigrew) to the great and ruthless King Shahrayar (Christie Ferrier).

The cast of Arabian Nights


Each of the fifteen cast members played several characters across the three selected tales: Ali Babe and the Forty ThievesThe Little Beggar and How Abu Hassan Broke Wind. In addition to their character roles, the cast impressively became a band of thieves, a wedding party, the audience for an execution and even a cave!

‘It was a hugely enjoyable performance for both cast and audience with music, dance and improvisations creating an immersive and memorable show,’ said Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Gibb (staff members in charge of directing the play). ‘Comedic moments from Abu Hassan (Andrew Martin) and the Little Beggar (Ally Williams) were received with uproarious laughter; while the villainous plotting of the Captain of Thieves (Andrii Safonov) and his death at the hands of the slave Marjana (Lily Simpson) will certainly live on in Dollar memory for some years to come.’