Senior pupils impress with excellent rendition of Pride and Prejudice

From 20-22 November, members of Form IV-VI delighted audiences with this year’s Senior School play.

From 20-22 November, members of Form IV-VI delighted audiences with this year’s Senior School play.

Commendations go to Olivia McKay, who led the cast as Elizabeth Bennet and gave a flawless performance in a very demanding role. Fraser Dawtrey (Mr Darcy), Finian Smyth (Mr Bennet) and Gracie Shearer (Mrs Bennet) also gave excellent performances in their principal roles.

Naomi Langford (Lady Catherine de Burgh) and Kaspar Principe- Gillespie (Mr Collins) gave beautifully judged cameos to increase the comedy – as did the younger  Bennet sisters played by Daisy  Downie, Ella-Sky Conroy and Ruby Martyn. The lovelorn Jane (Georgie Cassidy) brought out the romance.

The contrasting pair of the haughty Miss Bingley (Camille Wallace) and the unfortunate Charlotte Lucas (Eva Magda Govedarica) successfully elicited very different emotions from the audience.

Bingley (Jack Ireland) seemed charming and was so, while Wickham (Finlay Penderis) seemed a charmer but was a schemer. The whole cast, crew and trio of talented musicians, all resplendent in Regency dress and military uniforms deserve congratulations for their performances.



  • Elizabeth Bennet – Olivia McKay
  • Mr Darcy – Fraser Dawtrey
  • Mrs Bennet – Gracie Shearer
  • Mr Bennet – Finian Smyth
  • Jane Bennet – Georgie Cassidy
  • Kitty Bennet – Ella-Sky Conroy
  • Lydia Bennet – Daisy Downie
  • Mary Bennet – Ruby Martyn
  • Mr Bingley – Jack Ireland
  • Miss Bingley – Camille Wallace
  • Charlotte Lucas – Eva Magdic  Govedarica
  • Mr Wickham – Finlay Penderis
  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh – Naomi Langford-Thimm
  • Mr Collins – Kaspar Principe Gillespie
  • Fitzwilliam/Gamekeeper – Lewis Vincent
  • Mr Gardner – Lewis Davies
  • Coachman – Beshaar Al- Khayat
  • Colonel Denny – Josh Richardson
  • Miss de Bourgh – Magda Grunwald
  • Miss Jenkinson – Mariia Radko
  • Liveried Servant – Calum Peebles


Gayane Ghazaryane , Alex Mair, Nikita Safonov

Officers and Gentlemen:

Calum Busby, Greg Johnson, Abdur- Rahman Cheema, Calum Peebles, Cameron Reid-Thomas, Beshaar Al-Khayat


Magda Grunwald, Mariia Radko