Prep 5 Pupils Enjoy a Virtual History Topic

Prep 5 pupils have come to the end of their online topic: Mary Queen of Scots.

This topic has been thoroughly enjoyed by our pupils. Many weeks ago, Mary was introduced to our young historians as an infant, born on a frosty December morning in 1542 at Linlithgow Palace. When her father, James V died, our keen learners all waited with anticipation to see what the next online lesson would bring.

The drama of Queen Mary’s life unfolded quickly and our pupils learned about her childhood in France, her three failed marriages, numerous battles, years of imprisonment and conspiracy against the powerful Elizabeth I, before Mary’s turbulent life came to an end by a gruesome execution. Prep 5 had fun learning about the life of one of the most fascinating queens of all time, and ended the topic by creating their own self-portrait of Mary herself, or as one of her three husbands.
All of our pupils really enjoyed this topic, and despite being apart were brought together through learning.

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