Junior School Science Fair 2018

The Junior School Science Fair is a much-anticipated event on the Dollar Academy calendar. This year, the Science Fair took place on Wednesday and Thursday (21-22 February) in the Assembly Hall.

Every single pupil in Junior 2 had to prepare and present a scientific research investigation to an audience of their peers, teachers and also some rather accomplished judges. But the impressive range of displays on show last week represented merely the end result of labours undertaken by the pupils over the last two months, mostly in their own time, out of school. As it is every year, this year’s fair was a vibrant and buzzing event.


Winners of the Junior School Science Fair 2018


Eminent judges from a range of scientific backgrounds – from industry, medicine, research and education – spoke with the children and assessed the projects. Finally, the judges had to face the very difficult task of deciding upon the prize winners. This year’s Fair took place over two days; on the afternoon of Wednesday 21 February, judges and parents attended. Then, on Thursday morning, class teachers brought their classes in before, finally, the winners were announced.

The judges all stated how very impressed they were with the overall standard of this year’s investigations and presentations. They commented upon the sheer variety of projects on show, which explored such a tremendous range of questions and issues in physics, chemistry, biology and psychology.

Ultimately, after lengthy deliberation, the winners were decided. The list can be found below. Many congratulations to all who attended; great thanks to all staff involved in the organisation of this most rewarding of events and especial thanks to the judges who gave so freely of their time, enthusiasm and expertise.

Overall winner

  • Molly Kelly  – Should we paint the town red?


  • Ethan Grady – Going Bananas
  • Robert Ferguson – Rocket Cars
  • Michael Jack – Granny Knows Best

Class Awards

  • Rory Blezard – Which drink has the most sugar?
  • Georgios Tachtazi – Pebbles sink, Ships Float: Why?
  • Harry Carmen – Do children know how much fat and sugar is in their food?
  • Jack Odonnell – Best surface for bouncing
  • Alastair Stewart – Bicycle Dynamo