Junior 1 Visit Largs

Junior 1 had a fantastic time on their recent residential trip to the Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre in Largs.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and everyone was kept very busy over the three days with a multitude of activities!

The first day began with breakfast, followed by a variety of activities: basketball, gymnastics, baseball, football… to name but a few. Everyone tried hard, pushed themselves and stepped out of their comfort zones, all done with the support of friends around them.


Our first day ended with a walk to the shore in the warm evening sunshine before everyone devoured a delicious Nardini’s ice-cream.

A field studies visit to the island of Cumbrae gave everyone time to chat and even spot a porpoise, who was sitting and watching the pupil’s ferry sail past. A wander along the shoreline allowed for plenty of interesting creatures to be collected and many wet feet to be had.

It was then time for everyone to put their dancing shoes on and enjoy the much anticipated disco on the final night!

The journey home gave the pupils time to reflect on all of the highlights and achievements that had been made. Everyone returned to Dollar to be reunited with their parents before going home to have an early night.