Junior 1 Learn About the Human Body With Generation Science

Junior 1 spent a fun-filled morning with the Generation Science team from the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

The Body Builders interactive show and workshop explored four of the main human body systems. The pupils learnt the basics of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems and also about the importance of a healthy diet. These were brought vividly to life by Doctor Watson and Nurse It Better, who dealt with a number of interesting patients with a variety of unusual ailments.


The Generation Science Show


They sang to learn about hinge and ball and socket joints and also practised their “Du Dunk” to recreate the beating of the human heart. Throughout this very engaging and entertaining show there were many laughs—but also many yucky parts! Especially the movement of a carrot through the internal workings of the digestive system!

‘It seems, from the positive feedback we had from the pupils, that we have many budding future health professionals,’ said Mrs Letford (Junior 1 teacher).