Hasan Hasanovic’s Visit To Dollar

Earlier this year, Hasan Hasanovic, a human rights campaigner and survivor of the genocide in Bosnia came to Dollar to discuss his experiences.

Hasan Hasanovic is a survivor of the genocide that took place 25 years ago in Srebrenica, Bosnia. His twin brother and his father, however, were victims. Hasan helped to establish the Srebrenica Memorial Centre at Potocari and has written two books about his experiences. He is a human rights campaigner and travels widely to share his story and speak out against prejudice. He gave evidence at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at the Hague.

In January this year Hasan toured Scotland for Holocaust Memorial Day, in a visit jointly organised by Interfaith Scotland and Remembering Srebrenica Scotland. He spoke to an audience at Dollar Academy on 30 January, and during his visit he gave this interview with Mr Macpherson (who is a board member of Remembering Srebrenica Scotland).

Eva (Form VI) filmed and produced a video of the interview called ‘Planting Seeds’. Eva is also Head of Heyworth House and an HMC scholar from Croatia. To view Eva’s video, click here.