Form I Enjoy a Fantastic Activities Day

On 19 September, all of Form I took part in a fun-filled Activities Day.

This is an annual event which gives all of our Form I pupils (new and old to Dollar) the opportunity to get to know each other through a number of fun and interactive tasks, which encourage team-building and friendship-making.

There were four activities on offer throughout the day, so everyone found something they enjoyed.

The morning saw pupils take to the PE department to face each other in a Dodgeball match, alongside their own tutors. Everyone then headed to the Engineering, Design and Technology (EDT) department and worked together in groups to construct a load-bearing bridge using only straws, paper and cello-tape.

In the second half of the day, teachers from our Geography department helped pupils explore the Dollar campus with an orienteering activity. Finally, the Form I’s engaged in a number of team-building challenges lead by their Head of Year, Dr Johnson.

The fun continued after school, as the Charities Committee held an Alien-themed party for all the pupils to enjoy. Whilst the pupils were attending the party, Form I parents were addressed by the Rector, before listening to presentations from Mrs Mason (Head of Mathematics) and Mrs Murray (Head of English). Dr Johnson also said a few words to parents before the Chamber Choir took to the stage to give an excellent performance.

Parents were then invited to meet with the Form I tutors and also had the opportunity to admire some photos from the day, which had been collated by Assistant Head of Year, Mrs Cunningham.

Thank you to all the staff and departments that helped to make this day possible.