Dollar pupils take part in National Investment Competition

Some of our Senior pupils have been taking part in Shares4Schools, a national investment competition which provides a valuable experience for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the Business and Finance sector.

Our Business Education department hosts a variety of initiatives and co-curricular clubs for Senior School pupils. There is the popular Stock Market Challenge for pupils in Form II, Shares4Schools for Form V and over and the Student Investor competition for Form IV. They benefit pupils who are currently studying Business Education subjects, as well as those who plan on studying Business or Finance related courses after leaving Dollar.

Shares4Schools has been open to Senior pupils for fourteen years. Dollar pupils compete against a range of schools from across the country and overseas. The pupils are required to invest £1500 of real money into a variety of organisations. Pupils can select companies of their own choice, with the condition that they are affiliated with Shares4Schools. They must work both individually and as a team to research specific companies they are interested in, and at their weekly meeting, they share ideas and potentially invest in organisations that they feel will financially benefit their place in the competition. At the end of the competition, the school with the most profit is crowned the winner.

To ensure pupils begin Shares4Schools with the determination and work ethic required, all those interested must apply in writing to join the club. The pupils must write a passage explaining why they feel they would benefit from being a part of Shares4Schools, and what they would bring to the competition. This written task not only encourages enthusiasm and drive for the club, but is an essential skill the pupils will use in their lives after school. The Dollar value of ‘work hard’ is at the core of Shares4Schools, as pupils are required to complete research, chair and minute the meetings and also maintain a balance between the competition and the rest of their school work.

Shares4Schools can also be used to count towards the Skill section for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a popular service activity that many Dollar pupils complete,  and one that is highly considered by UCAS and prospective employers.

Last year, Dollar pupils completing Shares4Schools won the Scottish region, and were invited to the awards ceremony in London, where they had a very fun day enjoying a delicious lunch and sailing on the Thames! Following last year’s success, this year’s pupils have been meeting every week and are eager to find out the results, which will be revealed in June.

Shares4Schools meets every Thursday lunchtime in W1, in the Westwater Building. Dollar wishes the pupils involved all the best for the remainder of their competition.

If you or your child are interested in Shares4Schools, or another Business Education club, please see Mr Moore, Head of Business Education.