Dollar Pupil involved in Scientific Academic Publication

Form V pupil and boarder, Zuzana, has a passion for Biology. Originally from Slovakia, she became involved in the academic publication: “Differentiation of neural rosettes from human pluripotent stem cells in vitro is sequentially regulated on a molecular level and accomplished by the mechanism reminiscent of secondary neurulation” when she was just fourteen. The research took place in Masaryk University in the Czech Republic.

Her journey began when she was just thirteen, when she wanted to gain more practical skills in science. Realising there was little opportunity for her to achieve this at the school she was then attending in Slovakia, she decided to send her CV to Masaryk University, in the hope of securing some practical experience there. Despite originally not hearing back, she persisted and after almost a year of consistently contacting the university, she was offered a one-month internship during the summer in 2018. Zuzana was delighted to be offered the opportunity, and it was during this internship that she assisted with this scientific investigation. Zuzana’s results were then added to the academic publication, which was published on 29 August 2019.

Since this experience, she has been accepted back to Masaryk University again next summer, where she will be assisting with an investigation on mini-brains, which she is very much looking forward to. These findings will also be published.

Now, Zuzana is continuing her studies as a new pupil at Dollar Academy and is currently boarding in Heyworth House. She has settled into Dollar life really well, and said: “It’s been lovely since starting here. The school is diverse and all the staff have been very supportive.”

Zuzana is currently studying Highers in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Business Studies. Outside of the classroom, she is heavily involved in our Biology Club.

As for the future, her current plans are to study Bio-Medical Science, with a specific focus on Neuro Science. She plans to apply to universities in Scotland, as well as potentially England and America.

Dollar wishes Zuzana all the best with her future academic endeavours.