Dollar Gymnasts Excel at the National Qualifiers

On Sunday 21st January, the National Level 4 Qualifiers took place at North Inch Campus, Perth.

Lucy Macrae (Form IV) competed in the Secondary individual competition, whilst Charlie Anderson (Junior 2) competed in the Primary individual. Both gymnasts performed their floor and vault with precision. Charlie gained 12th place in a highly competitive field, doing particularly well in his vault with a 14.30 score.



Lucy performed with real athleticism and style on the floor and vault, scoring an impressive15.35 for vault and 14.70 for her floor, the highest scores of the competition. Having gained 1st place in the National Level 4 Qualifer, Lucy qualifies as one of six gymnasts for the National Finals. This is an outstanding achievement as she was competing against the very best gymnasts at school level in the country.