Dollar Gymnastics Success in Two Competitions

On 7 February, Dollar Academy hosted the Regional Gymnastics Finals, with teams competing at Primary and Secondary Level 1, 2 and 3.

In the Primary Level 1 Floor and Vault competition, Ollie Pilans (J1) won an individual gold and, alongside Prep 4 pupils Matthew McCosh, Connor McCourt and Sebastian Riddell-Dillet will represent Clackmannanshire as the winning team in the Primary Level 1-3 National Finals. This will take place on 11 May at the Bells Sports Centre, Perth. Prep 4 pupils Rosalie Peck and Amelie Koechlin, alongside Christina Dow (J2) and Tabitha Peck (J1) will represent the school and region as runners-up.

In the Primary Level 2 competition Dollar’s team consisted of Prep 4 pupils Genevieve Henderson and Mhairi McGregor, who alongside Victoria Murphy (J2) and Emeilia Cullens (Prep 5) won the team gold and also qualify for the Primary Gymnastics National Finals. Genevieve Henderson in particular really impressed the judges with her floor and vaulting skills, winning the individual gold.

Dollar Academy’s Primary Level 3 team was also very strong – Ellen Finlay (Prep 5) won the individual gold and will compete in the National Finals alongside Sophie McIllop (Prep 5), Emily Williams (J1) and Lucy Laing (J1).

Within the Secondary Level 1-3 Floor and Vault Competitions, Dollar’s teams all won gold and qualified for the Secondary Schools Level 1-3 National Finals. Individual golds were gained by Form I pupils Emma Manson (Form I), Riley Thomson (Form I) and Ava Wood (Form I) as well as Rebecca Watson (Form II).

A second competition, the Secondary Schools Level 1-3 National Finals, which were held on 3 March.

Dollar’s Primary Level 4 team consisted of Junior 1 pupils Lucy MacDonald, Laura Nicol and Lilia Warden (Prep 5). The girls performed to a very high level and placed 4th with a team score of 81.65 in their floors and vaults, narrowly missing out on the medals.

Dollar’s Secondary Level 1 team placed 21st overall. This consisted of Form I pupils Holly Allan, Iona West and Skye-Rose Tweedie. Holly placed highest within the individual competition and came 19th out of a total of 90 gymnasts.

Form I pupils Emma Manson and Grace Edmond deserve a special mention for stepping into the Secondary Level 2 team to replace unavailable gymnasts, Form II pupils Rebecca Watson and Gemma Stoddart. Alongside Form I pupil Michael Jack, the team performed well with Michael and Emma scoring 47 out of 94 gymnasts.

In the Secondary Level 3 competition, Dollar’s team of Form I pupils Ava Wood, Clara Pilans and Emily Norval performed their floor and vaults with real control, gaining high scores within their vaults and placing 20th overall.
The gymnasts will now be focussing on their performances in the Gymnastics and Dance Display which takes place on Thursday 21 March in the Maguire Gym.

Well done to all who were involved.