Dollar FP Nominated for a National First Aid Award

Former Pupil, and last year’s CCF First Aid Captain, Beth Logan (FP 2019), has been nominated for a National First Aid Award after assisting with an accident on the side of the road last November.

Beth (then Form VI) assisted an injured gentleman who had fallen whilst walking his dog. Using the techniques and skills she had learnt through her CCF training, Beth took charge and arranged traffic control, sourced blankets and hot water bottles and phoned an ambulance.

The man involved was able to reach Beth through social media after the accident to thank her for her assistance.

Learning these important skills is a highly critical part of becoming a Dollar cadet. Every year our CCF put up to eighty Form II pupils through a sixteen-hour Youth First Aid qualification.

Captain MP Scott said: “I genuinely believe we are making a potential life-saving difference to our cadets and although I hope they never have to use these skills in the future, I am proud that we will have made a difference if they do.

At the top end, our CCF First Aid teams are second to none and the individual standards of cadets like Beth are a wonder to behold, you could not be in safer hands in an emergency.”

Due to her fast-thinking and first aid knowledge, Beth has now been nominated for the First Aid Young Hero Award 2019, a category within the Scottish First Aid Awards. This is an award ceremony run by St Andrew’s First Aid.

The First Aid Young Hero Award is presented to a young person who has saved (or provided significant assistance in saving) a life through the delivery of first aid; or applied significant first aid techniques in a high-pressure situation.

The Scottish First Aid Awards will take place in Glasgow later this month.

Dollar wishes Beth all the best for the upcoming award ceremony.