Dollar CCF wins in National Online Competition

RSM Kelly has written about how our cadets are staying in touch through taking part in national online quizzes.

Written by RSM Kelly (Form VI)

Who would have thought we would be spending the busiest time of our final school year, with the best weather, competing indoors?! This is certainly not what we’re used to – but it is exactly what is happening.

On 27 April, Major Harvey, the Commanding Officer of our Cadet Training Team challenged all the Cadet Units in Scotland with an examination. This was a national competition held through an online app called ‘Kahoot.’ Many Contingents and Battalions across Scotland took part, including a number of both ACF cadets and adults. Over thirty Dollar cadets were eager to join, and all participants were given the option to work individually or with friends via FaceTime. Having the opportunity to compete with other Dollar pupils gave our cadets the chance to catch up, as well as keeping our competitive streak alive.

Cadets were tested on their military knowledge of fieldcraft and navigation, before the top twenty scores from each Contingent were combined to create an overall score. I’m very excited to say that we entered for the first time and won the competition!

The questions were both fun and light-hearted, and we are immensely proud of everyone who took part, with participants ranging from every year group from the Dollar CCF.

Since the first quiz, we have taken part in another and I’m sure there will be more to come during this lockdown period. If any Dollar cadets are interested in taking part in future quizzes, please contact your instructor who will put you in touch with myself. Hopefully, we will continue to learn more and be able to test our knowledge throughout this uncertain time.

It is so important to stay connected during this current situation, and despite the limitations our CCF continues to train and develop really well.