Dollar Academy Rugby Will represent Scotland in Japan

Dollar Academy’s Form I Rugby team will represent Scotland at The Heroes Cup - an international rugby tournament in Yokohama, Japan from 16 – 23 April.

Junior rugby players from all over Japan and the rest of the world have been invited to join an international exchange and celebration of rugby, whilst Japan prepares for its first-ever staging of the Rugby World Cup.

One team has been selected from each of the following countries: Scotland, England, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Samoa, Australia and Tonga. Dollar Academy has been selected to represent Scotland.


All of the matches will be played at Yokohama International Stadium (Nissan Stadium).

Don Caskie, Head of Rugby said: “What a great opportunity it is to visit Japan, a country with wonderful people and a rich history, in the first ever year this country will host the Rugby World Cup.

All our players are excited at the prospect of representing their school, and Scotland, against some very tough and passionate opposition. It’s an amazing opportunity for them to experience and understand different cultures.”