Current Pupils and FPs Competed in Recent Tetrathlon Competition

On 3 November, the Scottish Tetrathlon Winter Triathlon Competition was held at the Academy.

Seven current pupils and two Dollar FPs took part and, despite the awful weather conditions, the group performed really well. Their performances can be attributed to their training with William Mitchell, Scottish Pentathlon Coach and Glasgow Triathlon Junior Coach, who specifically works with Dollar pupils to train them in a variety of sports. This is a fantastic opportunity, and gives our pupils the option to increase their fitness levels, as well as compete in tetrathlons.

Several of our pupils had never competed in a tetrathlon before, including Jessica (FI) who finished a commendable 4th place. Pupils Akira (FIV), Sara (FIII), Anya R (FII) and Iona (FII) were also new to tetrathlon – Anya R performed a great shoot and placed 6th, whilst Akira stormed through the swimming, landing in 3rd place. Iona placed 5th in swimming and Sara came 10th in the shoot and run section.

Anya P (FIV) and Evie (FII) – who have both competed before – placed 2nd overall within their respective age groups. This is a fantastic result, and is no doubt linked to the work they have put in with Coach William Mitchell.

Poppy Drysdale (FP 2019) placed 5th overall, and finally Jack Wilson (FP 2019) placed 1st overall within his section.

Well done to everyone who took part in this competition.

Our multisport training swim sessions take place between 7-8 am on Tuesday mornings. The laser and running training sessions take place on Friday afternoons between 3.30-4.30pm.

If your child is interested in attending these sessions with Coach William Mitchell, please contact: