CCF Senior Cadet Appointments

Lt Col CA Stewart, Dollar Academy CCF Contingent Commander, is delighted to conclude the announcement of the CCF Senior Cadet appointments for 2020-21.

Navy Section
i/c WO Sasha B
2i/c CPO Stuart F

Infantry Basic Section
i/c CSgt Virginia C

REME Section
i/c SSgt Eilidh S
2i/c Cpl Max Y

Recruits Section
i/c CSgt Jack M
2i/c CSgt Rosie S

RAF Section
i/c Sgt Iona K
2i/c Sgt Kerr M

CSgt Murray T

These appointments are traditionally announced after Recruits Pass Out Parade on Sports Sunday, and therefore took effect on Sunday 21 June 2020.
We wish all concerned the best of luck in their new positions and know that they will commit their best efforts to ensure that Dollar Academy CCF continues to grow from strength to strength.