Black Lives Matter

The current Black Lives Matter demonstrations have brought John McNabb’s link to slavery and the importance of tackling all forms of discrimination through the school curriculum into sharp focus.

As you may have seen in the press, schools throughout the UK have received correspondence from former and current pupils on these issues. We, too, have received several letters and emails on this topic, and it fills us with hope and optimism to see our school community so actively engaged in this important issue, helping to ensure that Dollar Academy can play its part in building a better, more just society. We look forward to continuing this dialogue. Educational development in support of this goal will always be an evolving process, requiring collaboration and representation from a range of voices and perspectives.

We fully acknowledge McNabb’s role in the founding of the school and his link to the slave trade, about which we commissioned further independent research earlier this year. Once completed, it will help us better understand this part of our history so that it can play an important educational role. To be clear, Dollar Academy abhors slavery, oppression, injustice and intolerance in all its forms. We take the issue of discrimination extremely seriously at Dollar Academy and the school is fully committed to tackling injustice in whatever form it takes.

Within the current curriculum at Dollar we examine the themes of diversity and inclusion, and this is an area we intend to continue to develop. This Example Curriculum Content provides examples of where these key themes are prominent, not because we think we should in any way rest on our laurels, but rather to demonstrate our existing commitment to standing by all members of the Dollar community to help to create a more fair and just society. We look forward to continuing this work.