Dollar Pupils Excel in Tetrathlon Events

Two Dollar pupils have been very successful in some prestigious and highly competitive tetrathlon events this summer.

Toward the end of July, the Scottish tetrathlon team (including Dollar pupil Poppy Drysdale in Form VI) won the UK International Tetrathlon at the Regional 100 Tetrathlon competition that took place at Aylesford Lodge, Shoby, Melton Mowbry and at the Bingham Leisure Centre in Nottinghamshire. ‘The cross country ride proved tricky with some questions at the off-set doubles and the triple water jump,’ said Mrs Drysdale, ‘whilst the running course was hilly and challenging.’

‘The girls rode well and all nearly within the times gaining good points. The running course was hilly and asked a few questions whilst the shoot and swim gave the team good scores. It was a close run contest with Scotland’s joint final score of 15,838 giving the girls a gold medal, just beating England at 15,776. The Irish team were third with 15,373 and Wales came fourth with a

In separate tetrathlon news, Sarah Coutts (Form IV), Anya Penderis and Hannah Young (both FIII) competed in the very prestigious Junior Regional Competition 2018, held at Moreton Morrell College in Warwickshire in early June. This event brings together competitors from the four home nations and Ireland.

The team trained hard over the last six months, with this team competition specifically in mind. Training consisted of a number of indoor and outdoor cross-country sessions, winter postal shoot, eventing and tetrathlon competitions prior to team selection.

This was Hannah’s second year at the Junior Regional and she performed very well, placing 5th overall in her shoot. Anya was competing for the first time at the Junior Regional, deservedly selected after progressing hugely over the past year. For Sarah, it was her last year at Junior Regional and, through sheer grit and determination in the cross-country riding phase, she was one of only two Scottish girls to score the maximum 1400 points. She went on to win the running part of the event, winning the Best Run award for a second year. Sarah came 2nd overall in the competition – a fantastic result, even though a pistol malfunction resulted in a deduction of 80 points. In the end, she missed lost to the first place winner by only 76 points; the win should have been well within her grasp.

The Scottish ‘A’ team (girls) secured a very creditable 3rd place in the competition.