A-Z of Dollar

Dollar’s Top Six have devised a morale-boosting project called ‘A-Z of Dollar’ that reinforces the theme of ‘togetherness’ across the school during these challenging times.

Our Top Six (Elliot, Amy, Abi, Lucy, Duncan and Harry) asked all our current pupils to think of a word that they associate with Dollar for each letter of the alphabet. Examples of this task included ‘Anchor’ for the letter ‘A’ and ‘Bronze Doors’ for the letter ‘B’.

Pupils then were required to send in their words to the Top Six, either through a Microsoft Form or by creatively photographing the word spelled out using materials found in their home or garden.

The Top Six then created graphics for each letter of the alphabet, to show the range of words sent in by pupils, as well as all of the memorable aspects of Dollar. This initiative has proven to be really successful and a great way for our pupils to work together. Here’s the full set of graphics…