ResearchED Scotland

ResearchED is a ‘grass-roots non-profit’ organisation whose aims include seeking to raise the research literacy of educators, bring together parties affected by educational research and exploring “what works” in the field of education.

Last year, thirty-two speakers from across the UK attended the 2018 ResearchED Scotland conference, held at Dollar Academy.

This year, ResearchED is back!

Speakers so far include:
Anna Beck
Prof Bob Davies
Carl Hendrick
Chris McGrane
Christine Couser
Dr Debs Keys
Dee Saran
James McBlane
Jamie Thom
Jane Minelly
Jonathan Firth
Kate Jones
Kenny Pieper
Kenny Primrose
Lena Carter
Mark Healy
Neil McLennan
Nigel Davis
Paul Cochrane
Professor Paul Kirschner
Robert Macmillan
Robin Macpherson
Sarah Donarski
Dr Sarah McGeown
Stuart Farmer
Tom Bennett
Tom Sherrington
Professor Walter Humes

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