Other Cultural Activities

We believe that developing a well-rounded set of cultural sensibilities enriches the lives of our pupils in so many different ways: as a source of inspiration, intellectual growth and way to find meaningful, lifelong relationships with others to name but a few.


Dollar prides itself on offering such a wide range of extracurricular activities – and cultural interests are especially well catered for. From guitar building to Greek, coding to journalism – there are a huge number of options for pupils to choose from. For a full list of cultural activities please download our ‘Get Active’ PDF.

  • BASE Competition

    The BASE Competition is the ideal challenge for pupils exploring a career in accountancy.

    Run by the ICAEW, pupils compete against teams from schools and colleges across the UK, with heat winners battling it out for the prestigious title of BASE National Champions. Not only does the competition put pupils’ business skills to the test, it also provides the opportunity to connect with potential future employers.

    For more information, please contact Mrs Martin.

  • Board Games

    Prep School pupils from every year group are welcome to join in this lunchtime activity, where they can learn to play new board games with their friends.

  • Boarders Cookery Club

    We offer our boarding  pupils the opportunity to attend evening cookery classes during the winter term.  Pupils learn new practical skills and build on their existing knowledge to create healthy, nutritional dishes.

  • Book Club

    The six book clubs in the school cover a wide range of ages and interests.  The visiting author programme brings in further inspiration, as does our beautiful library.

  • Chess

    This activity is open to pupils of every age group, from Prep to Form VI.   Chess Club allows our pupils to challenge their minds in a social game with friends, or pit their wits against on-line chess programs.  Coaching is provided for beginners, and the more experienced players are encouraged to put themselves forward for team selection and the opportunity to represent the school at national events.

  • Christian Union

    An informal meeting open to all Senior School pupils whether they have a Christian faith or are interested in asking questions or finding out more.  Pupils are able to discuss issues and share their thoughts in a supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere as well as encourage each other in their faith.  Tea, coffee and cakes/biscuits are provided.

  • Conversation Club

    This is primarily, although not exclusively, a group for any Senior School pupils whose first language is not English.  The emphasis is on conversation, socialising, building confidence and having fun, whilst at the same time learning and practising English.  The activities are in some measure determined by pupils and reflect their interests.  Often a very interesting sharing and discussion of cultures takes place, too.  A number of visits are arranged during the year to allow pupils to experience something of Scotland’s landscape, heritage and culture in its wider context.

  • Crest Awards

    This activity, organised through the Biology Department, offers pupils the opportunity to plan and carry out a scientific investigation into any topic of their choice.  Once the award has been achieved, pupils will be nominated to compete at national level.  If successful, the pupils will travel to the regional fair (usually in Perth) with the chance of winning selection to compete at the final stages of the competition in London and the opportunity of a cash prize and a science experience trip.

    Pupils from Form III complete at Silver Level and in Forms V and VI they compete at Gold.

  • Critical Analysis

    This group is open to all pupils in Form VI who have an interest in developing their critical thinking and analytical skills, the group offers lively lunchtime discussion of an eclectic range of texts, ancient and modern, British and International.

  • Debating

    Lively  lunchtime debates  encourage pupils  from  all year groups  to compete throughout the year, learning  key   debating  skills,   including  how  to  deconstruct  a  motion,  undertake  research, structure argument and  speak  persuasively.   We also participate in  inter  school  competitions and “short prep” university competitions all over Scotland. In recent years  Dollar  debating teams have  won numerous, national debating trophies and have  provided competitive debaters for the Scottish national team.

  • Digi-bookers

    In August  2017,  Dollar  Academy  was awarded funding from  Europe  to work  on a 2 year  project on  the  production of  digi-books (interactive  e-books and  i-books) with   four  schools  in  Italy, Spain,  Belgium and  Croatia. Pupils  in  this  lunchtime club  will  learn  how  to  make  resources (widgets) for  digibooks and  how  to  make/find materials such  as videos, animations, photos, quizzes  etc.  for use in the books.  They will also be involved in the production of a resource bank of these   materials for teachers/students to   use in the   production of classroom resources including digibooks. All expenses  will  be paid for 3 (Form  IV-VI) pupils  from  this  group  to travel to Italy in March, 2019  in order  to work  on the project with  pupils  from  the partner schools.  This week-long trip will be free of charge to the pupils involved. No previous skill or experience is required as all training will be given.


  • EDT Club

    A Technology club  for  members of Junior 2 who  wish  to  develop design/ engineering and  craft skills whilst working on a range of projects.  These  may include short craft projects/ design challenges/ or  competitions.  This  club  is limited to  20  pupils in J 2.

  • Enterprise Club

    The Junior Enterprise Club  is a chance for Junior pupils to  learn about entrepreneurship. We will discuss entrepreneurs and  hopefully run  a mini enterprise; part of the  proceeds will  go to Malindi. We would also  hope  to  take  part in  Micro  Tyco  again.

  • Film Club

    Supported by the bfi, Love Film and BAFTA, our Film Club offers all Senior School pupils the chance to choose, watch, discuss and review a diverse range of films, from mainstream blockbusters to little-known classics.  Further opportunities exist for cinema trips, as well as visits from industry professionals.  Pupils also gain full access to the film club website, allowing them to share their ideas and reviews with pupils in film clubs up and down the country.

  • Gardening

    This activity for pupils is a practical club which encourages these children to grow and care for vegetables and flowers and to take an interest in observing the changes in plants and trees in the school grounds.

  • Greek

    All Senior School pupils in Forms III to VI can opt to join the Greek Club for a linguistic adventure like no other.  For those pupils who are thinking of taking the Higher Greek course in FV, lunchtime Greek Club is highly recommended, but even if you do not intend to study the Higher course, come and gain an insight into this most fascinating of ancient languages: the language of Homer, Plato, Euripides and many other of the world’s best-known authors.

  • Guitar Building

    This club provides senior school pupils from Forms III to VI with an opportunity to expand their interest in the electric guitar/bass through designing and manufacturing their own instruments.

    A wide range of workshop skills will be developed over the course of the build and with patience and perseverance it is possible to build an instrument that is unique and maybe even better than an “off the shelf” model

  • Japanese

    All Senior School pupils have the opportunity to discover the many aspects of Japanese language, culture and customers, along with the chance to practise traditional arts and crafts.  There is also the option to participate in exchanges with a Japanese High School.

  • Jewellery

    Would you  like  to  make your own  jewellery? Come  along and  learn some  jewellery making and repairing techniques. It may appeal particularly  to  those looking for  a  skill for  their Duke of Edinburgh’s awards.

  • Journalism

    The Galley team meet every Thursday in P23 and  after half  term in P20.   There are  five  different sections of  the  magazine each  with its  own  Section Editor: News  and  Politics, Views, Features, Entertainment and  Sport.  There are  opportunities for  pupils to  develop their skills in  desktop publishing, journalistic writing and  in taking on editorial positions of responsibility.

  • Junior Librarians

    Pupils in every year group are welcome to participate as Junior Librarians, helping out in the school library and learning about different aspects of librarianship.  This can contribute to pupils’ volunteering requirement for Duke of Edinburgh, and can be added to their UCAS forms.  They will help with producing library displays, organising library fun days and events and keeping the library neat and tidy.  They will also develop their understanding of the Dewey Decimal System, how a library is organised and how it can best be used for research.

  • Knitting Prep and Junior

    Knitting  offers the  opportunity to  create many items including soft  toys and  clothing.  Whilst relaxing, this  activity offers opportunities to  develop skills in  and  knowledge of this  craft, which can  be enjoyed at any  age.   With support, pupils will  be encouraged to produce both simple and more complex products using a variety of yarns.

  • Mindful Wednesday

    A quiet contemplative and mindful space

  • Model United Nations

    If you are seeking to expand your horizons and grasp of current affairs Model  United Nations is just what you  have  been  looking for!  MUN is a weekly co-curricular group of Form III and  Form IV  pupils that get  together to discuss international issues  and  understand why  there are differing perspectives  and   priorities  among the   various  UN  member  states. Attempts to   arrive at a resolution to  a world issue  will  be discussed and  will  be either agreed, amended or failed.

    There are opportunities each  week  to research different countries’ views about issues  such  as terrorism, climate change, responses to healthcare epidemics and  nuclear weapons among other issues  of global importance. You will become acquainted with diplomatic discussions and  be able to  improve or  overcome your fear  of  public speaking. You  will   also  be  able  to develop your leadership and  critical thinking skills as we conduct our  weekly debates.

    There will also be opportunities to attend external Model UN conferences. These are  diplomatic simulations  where respect and  cooperation are  the  fundamentals of  the   debate. This  setting allows  every  participant  to   understand  how   existing  international   bodies  work  and   the contribution they themselves can make to help  solve  issues and  challenges that affect our  planet today.

    As former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan stated, “More than ever before in human history,

    We share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together, and that is why we have the United Nations”.

  • Multimedia Technology

    This club, open to all senior school pupils, is for those interested in multimedia technology and with a desire to learn some of the skills involved in working with multimedia.  It affords pupils the opportunity to become involved in a range of multimedia projects.  These may include: an entry for the British School’s Animation competition; designing and creating simple phone apps, websites and podcasts; exploring the possible uses of the Raspberry PI and creating games using Crocodile ICT, Scratch, Adobe Flash or a 3-D development tool such as Kudo.

  • PC Build

    Ever wondered what  is inside  a PC? Have you  ever  had a PC stop  working, and not  know  how to replace  a broken component? Then  PC Build  Club is for you!  In pairs,  you  will  have  the  chance to  fully  assemble a PC from  component parts, and  then  test  it by  installing Windows  10,  and then  programs to  stress  test  your  new  PC. You will  do this  over  a period  of 6 to  8 lunchtime sessions  sometime during the year.

  • Physics

    Ever  wondered what  Sheldon  was  actually talking about?  Expand  your  mind  and  contemplate the  universe from  the  microscopic to the  macroscopic.  Ask questions and  discuss  advances in Physics.  Trips  to observatories and labs.   Build  your  own  particle detector or crystal radio.

  • Politics

    To debate is to engage in a demanding process of argument, advocacy and rebuttal.  The ability to research ideas and to present a logical argument is vital, but debating also offers pupils the opportunity to stand before a lively audience of peers and defend a point of view, often in the face of stiff opposition.  Our teams take part every year in all the main national and university competitions and are firmly recognised as a major force in Scottish debating. The junior and senior debating scenes are very lively with large groups meeting weekly and after school to develop an understanding of debating strategies and argumentation – skills that help our young speakers succeed at the highest levels.

  • Prep Science Club

    This club gives our younger pupils extra opportunity to participate in hands-on science experiments and investigation activities.  Open to all pupils in Prep 3.

  • Prep Wildlife Explorers

    This club has been specifically designed for pupils in Prep 2 and Prep 3.  We aim to encourage a passion for nature by giving our younger pupils the chance to explore, discover and enjoy the natural world.  The pupils all join the RSPB and are encouraged to use their membership both in and out of school. Our activities include artwork, building nest boxes, recycling, telling others about nature and planting seeds.  We also work towards Gold, Silver and Bronze Wildlife Action awards.

  • Rainbow Alliance

    This   is  a  new   club   which  has  been   created so  that  everyone, no  matter  what their sexual orientation or  gender identity, has  a space  to  feel  safe, supported and  included.   We intend to spread awareness about the  LGBTQ+  community.   There are  a wide  range of activities planned – from friendly  discussions/debates, learning more about the   community,  watching  LGBTQ+ films, participating in events such  as Rainbow Laces  and  organising visiting speakers.

  • Russian

    Russian club is a chance for interested pupils to explore the language, culture, and
    History of one of the most fascinating nations in the  world. We will undertake language classes, choose periods of History to look at, and also watch up to date documentaries and shows.

  • School Magazine

    Our award-winning school magazine, The Galley, offers pupils the opportunity to develop their skills in desktop publishing, journalistic writing and in taking on editorial positions of responsibility.   There are five different sections of the magazine each with its own Section Editor: News and Politics, Views, Features, Entertainment and Sport.  Pupils from Forms I to VI are welcome.

  • Shares 4 Schools

    Shares4schools is a national investment competition in which teams of pupils invest £1,500 in shares on the London stock market. The shares4schools team 2017Pupils will develop the following skills: decision-making, team working and analytical skills. This activity, open to all in Form VI, offers invaluable experience to pupils interested in a career in finance.

    Lunchtime meetings, W1.

  • Shorthand Training

    This  training would be extremely beneficial for any  pupil wishing to pursue a career in journalism. All  pupils will  also  gain  the  ability to  take notes quickly (also useful for  university) They   will  learn the  basic  rules before being tested on  their ability to  write at  50,  60,  70  etc. words per  minute.

  • Sixth Form Year Book

    In their final year at Dollar Academy, Form VI pupils have the opportunity to join a committee whose aim is to produce a Yearbook and to raise funds towards the cost of its publication.  This requires serious commitment from a variety of people and calls for skills in editing, design and fundraising plus the formidable task of motivating a whole year group to write articles, hand over photographs and meet deadlines. As well as running a school Band Night, selling candy canes and dressing up regularly, the committee work tirelessly throughout the year to create a colourful and distinctive book which will be treasured by pupils for years to come.

  • Stage Makeup

    As part of the  team you  will  learn how  to  apply stage make-up and  create some special effects. Pupils  involved work in a team in the  evening to provide make-up for  all school shows and  plays. This  is a great way  to  develop the  skill for a future career in theatre or as part of an Art  portfolio. You  will   also  practice working under pressure, learn organisational skills and  how  to  manage your time effectively.

  • Stockmarket Challenge

    Our Form II pupils are offered the opportunity to be selected to represent Dollar in the national competition for the Stock Market Challenge – this is a computer simulation held at Edinburgh University with 25 teams competing to make the most return on an imaginary £15,000, buying different shares and currencies.

  • Student Investor

    The “Student Investor” game is for Senior School pupils in Form IV who are interested in learning about the stock market and investing in stocks and shares. Teams of four pupils compete in a national competition to see who can invest an imaginary £100,000 in shares and make the biggest return on their investments.

  • Technology Club

    Pupils in Prep 5 are welcome to join our Technology Club for the opportunity to use state of the art software to produce interactive storybooks and videos. They will develop skills further with the use of cameras, video recorders, voice recognition and other forms of technology.

  • Touch Typing

    This club provides training for pupils to become expert at touch typing.  Open to all in the Senior School, this is a highly valued skill that pupils will find useful throughout their education and future employment.

  • Young Engineers

    All pupils from Forms II and II are welcome at the Young Engineers club, where they can become involved in a range of engineering activities and have the chance to represent the school in national competitions.  This activity gives pupils the opportunity to do lots of things are sometimes not possible to do in the classroom, from rocket building to robotics – the sky is the limit!

  • Young Enterprise

    The Young Enterprise Scotland is a registered charity which offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain real business experience by setting up and running their own company.

    We encourage our Form VI to form their own Young Enterprise Business and participate in this  national  programme, which develops entrepreneurship,  employability skills and empowerment to unite young people around the common goal of reaching their full potential.

    The pupils are supported by a dedicated business mentor who supports the running of the business with advice and guidance.

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