Health and Wellbeing

The values ‘Be Kind’, ‘Work Hard’ and ‘Get Involved' are central to the ethos of the School and our Staff recognise that excellent pastoral care makes a vital contribution to the intellectual and social development of each individual pupil.

Health and Wellbeing

Dollar Academy recognises that, in order for every young person to succeed to the best of their abilities, they must do so in a caring and secure environment; one which will encourage them to develop self-confidence and social skills, one where the relationship between all members of the community is based on trust and respect. In order to foster this trusting relationship Dollar has a well developed pastoral and guidance system.  Guidance Staff also have a role in curricular guidance and in discipline – in essence, they have a complete overview of each child’s progress and development, social, emotional and academic.

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Our Staff

In the Senior School, all staff recognise that they have a part to play in guidance, but the main pastoral responsibility lies with the Guidance Staff who are likely to be the first point of contact for pupils and their parents if there are pastoral concerns. For boarders, the first point of contact will generally be Houseparents.

In each year, Guidance Staff include a Head of Year and an Assistant Head of Year. In addition, all pupils in the Senior School meet daily with a Form Tutor. Form VI pupils are allocated a Personal Tutor and UCAS Advisor to give extra guidance for their transition onwards from Dollar Academy, and all pupils have access to our pupil counsellor

In the Prep and Junior School, guidance of pupils is directly overseen by the Class Teachers and is fully supported by the Head and the Deputy Heads of the Prep and Junior Schools, who all play a full and active part in promoting positive values to all Prep and Junior School pupils, parents and staff alike.



Nursing Centre

Dollar Academy has a well resourced Medical Centre, which is staffed Monday to Friday during term time led by Mrs Dunnet and Miss Finnie.

The School Nurses attend to incidents of injury or illness amongst pupils and staff on site, and are responsible for the provision of health screening, medical examinations and vaccination programmes as appropriate in line with national School Health Service guidelines. They work in close conjunction with senior management and Guidance Staff with regard to pupil welfare, participate in the delivery of health related topics in the School’s PSE programme, and support Dollar Academy’s Health and Wellbeing programme.

Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC)

As a result of the Children and Young Peoples Act 2014 every child in Scotland has a ‘Named Person’. The Named Person will be the main point of contact, typically based within health or education, for the child and young person and their parents/carers, when the child has a well-being need. Anyone who has a concern about a child’s well-being can raise this with the Named Person.

Within Dollar Academy the Named Person’s duty will be undertaken by Mr Burbury (Assistant Rector)

If you have a concern about the well-being of any pupil in our school, please contact Mr Burbury on 01259 740506 or via email.

Whilst Mr Burbury has responsibility for the overview of well-being needs in the School, the day to day care of pupil welfare and well-being remains in the Prep and Junior School with the class teacher and in the Senior School with the relevant Head of Year.

If you wish to read more about Getting it Right for Every Child and the Named Person duty please look at this website for information.