Welcome to the new session 2018/2019 at Dollar Academy

We look forward to welcoming all new and current pupils to Dollar on Thursday 23 August. Read on for information about your first day of term:

  • New pupils joining the Prep or the Junior Schools should go directly to the playgrounds of the Prep School or Junior School in time for the 8.50am start of day bell.
  • New pupils joining the Senior School should make their way to the Library between 8.30am and 8.40am where they will be met by prefects and Heads of Year who will direct them where to go.  
  • Pupils who are entering Form I, having been in Junior 2 last session, should drop their bags off in the corridor outside the Gibson Auditorium before being escorted up to the Assembly Hall.
  • Pupils who are entering Form II, having been in Form I last session, should go directly to the Gibson Auditorium.
  • All other senior school pupils should report to the Assembly Hall for the first Assembly of the new school session which will start promptly at 9am.
  • Refreshments are available for all parents of new pupils in the Dining Hall from 8.30am hosted by DAPA (Dollar Academy Parents Association). Representatives from our bus companies and members of teaching and bursary staff will be on hand to answer any queries.
  • Any new pupils who have not already met their Head of Year (Senior) or class teacher (Prep and Junior) and would like to do so prior to the first day of term are invited into school at 1.30pm today, Wednesday 22 August. Additionally, the Thrift Shop (located underneath the Prep School) will be open from 2pm - 4pm and on Thursday 23 August 2.30pm – 4pm.