Understanding 'Stress' and the Teenage Brain

The Teenage Guide to Stress

Understanding “Stress” and the Teenage Brain’, by Nicola Morgan, aims to help parents and pupils understand and support issues associated with ‘stress’. On Wednesday 25 October, Nicola will present a revealing look at what ‘stress’ is and deal with a number of issues that can affect teenagers – from anger, depression and relationships to social media, exams and eating disorders. She will present some thoughts on how to deal with and prevent symptoms of ‘stress’, as well as healthy ways of looking after the teenage mind and body.

Nicola Morgan is an international speaker and award-winning author for and about teenagers and an expert on adolescence, stress and wellbeing, including the effects of the Internet and social media and the science of reading for pleasure and wellbeing. She has written nearly 100 books, including award-winning novels such as Wasted, Fleshmarket and Mondays are Red, but she has become increasingly well known for her passionate factual work on adolescence and wellbeing, with her 2005 book on the teenage brain, Blame My Brain, shortlisted for the Aventis prize and The Teenage Guide to Stress winning the School Library Association award in both the readers’ and the judges’ categories.

More information about Nicola Morgan and her work can found at: https://www.nicolamorgan.com/

It is hoped that this information evening will be a useful and interesting event providing advice and guidance on how to support your teenage children.

Join us at Dollar Academy on Wednesday 25 October from 7:00pm – 8:30pm in the Gibson Auditorium.


The information evening is suitable for all parents living in the Dollar community, not only those with children at Dollar Academy. The talk may not be suitable for children under the age of 11.