Useful Contacts

Dollar Academy
FK14 7DU

Telephone: ++ (0) 1259 742511
Fax: ++ (0) 1259 742867

Our School Office is open on weekdays between 8:30am and 5:00pm during term-time.  During the school holidays, the school office is open on weekdays between 9:00am and 4:30pm.  We close for one week between Christmas and New Year.

Contacts Points for Parents and Pupils

  • Absence:
    Parents wishing to inform us of their child's absence from school should do so on a daily basis, before 8:40am and by email:  
  • Planned absence:
    Requests for planned absence should be made directly with the Rector by email:  giving as much notice as possible along with the reasons for the request.  
  • Contacting your child in school:
    If you require to pass a message to your child during school hours, please telephone the School Office on 01259 742 511 and indicate the level of urgency.
  • Lost property:
    Found items are stored at the school by the Janitor in a secure location until they are claimed or, in the case of unnamed property, retained for three weeks before being transferred to the Thrift Shop. If your child has lost something and has checked all possible locations, they should speak with School Office staff, who will contact the Janitor on their behalf and enquire whether the item has been found. Alternatively, parents are also welcome to call the School Office at any time of the day on 01259 742 511.   

To speak with the school about a matter of concern:
Any other matters, including matters of concern, are handled in the first instance by your son or daughter's Head of Year. In the case of the Prep and Junior School, your child's class teacher is the first point of contact. These members of staff can be contacted by telephoning School Office on 01259 742 511 or by emailing 

Our Senior School Heads and Assistant Heads of Year for 2018-2019 are:

Form I      Dr R  Johnson (Head), Ms S Hussain (Assistant Head) 
Form II     Miss G M McCord (Head),  Mr D A H Johnston (Assistant Head) 
Form III    Mr N F Blezard (Head), Mrs K Caine (Assistant Head)
Form IV    Mrs P Webster (Head), Mr F Muirhead (Assistant Head)
Form V     Mr C Smith (Head),  Mrs T L Livingstone (Assistant Head) 
Form VI    Mrs C M Childs (Head),  Mr N G McEwan (Assistant Head)

All Years   School Counsellor - Mrs F Mackie

In addition, each Senior School Year Group is overseen by an Assistant Rector:

Form I                   Mrs A Morrison 
Form II                  Mr R Macpherson
Form III                 Mrs K Miller
Form IV, V & VI    Mr S Burbury

Head of Prep and Junior School   Mrs A Morrison