All pupils at Dollar Academy are expected to wear school uniform and are encouraged to take pride in their presentation and appearance.    

nullThe Uniform

Our school uniform consists of a school blazer, white shirt and tie, trousers for boys and a kilt for girls.  Prep School boys wear shorts and girls wear pinafores.    

Find the full uniform and sportswear list here.


Regulation school uniform and sportswear items can be obtained directly one of our official stockists:

Items can be purchased in advance either online or by visiting the shop in person.   Local store details and contact information are available on their websites.

Thrift Shop

Pre-worn school uniform items  in excellent  condition can be purchased from our Thrift Shop, which is run by volunteers and opens between 2.30pm -  4.00pm on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, and on the last afternoon of the summer holiday. The thrift shop is also open at the New Pupils' Open Day in June.