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Pupils Travel to Jupiter Artland

On Thursday 15 May, Form III Art pupils went on a trip to Jupiter Artland, a fascinating park which contains many the sculptures of many famous artist from around the globe. Works by many of today's leading artists, sculptors and land artists have been commissioned and then constructed in situ. Artists such as Anish Kapoor and Andy Goldsworthy are present in scultures that integrate with their surroundings.

The pupils were to use the trip as a starting point for the National 5 course. Mr MacDermot (Art Teacher) accompanied the group and he explained, ‘It gave pupils the rather unusual chance to interact with art outside of a gallery setting and see how sculptors can use a space to create a mood or thought.’

As the Jupiter website says, ‘The relationship of each artwork with its specific topographical location is a crucial feature of the artland, that is, art within the landscape. The garden is a garden of discovery - an earthwork here, a copse of cradled rocks there, the entrance to a fathomless burrow right before your feet. The artworks are land marks, events, confrontations on a journey of discovery; an open-ended journey.’

The group then went on to the Scottish Portrait Gallery where they were given a tour around some of the most significant portraits of the gallery, including the poet Robert Burns.

There was also an opportunity for them to see a fantastic photographic portrait competition that showcased some excellent compositions with interesting portraits. Mr MacDermot said, ‘The pupils were asked to pick their favourite portrait and were asked to explain what they thought it was about. Overall, it was a great trip which the pupils enjoyed.’