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Gymnastics and Dance Display 2018

The Gymnastics and Dance Displays that took place on Thursday 22nd March in the Maguire Gym were a great success. Forty-nine gymnasts and dancers from Junior 1 to Form IV were involved. In addition, special guest performer Ollie Pike (the school’s Australian gap student) performed his jazz dance with real flair and was a fantastic addition to the production.

The production involved many different types of dance, including Highland dancing, ballet, jazz, contemporary and acro dance together with vaulting, floor and gymnastics apparatus routines, including the ropes. The choreographed curtain call finished the show on a high note and several acro skills were performed with stylish flair and finesse to ‘Fireball’.

49 gymnasts and dancers took part

‘Pupils in the Prep and Junior School thoroughly enjoyed the morning performance, and parents and Senior School pupils were highly entertained by the performers’ talents and sense of enjoyment whilst performing,’ said Mrs Smith (PE teacher and Gymnastics coach). ‘Ollie was genuinely delighted to be involved in the production.’ Saxon Hughes (another gap student) kindly filmed the show and he also expressed how impressed he was by the standard of performances.

The Gymnastics and Dance Display raised £100 in aid of Sport Relief thanks to generous donations offered at the evening performance.

Photography: Jacob Timney (FIII)