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Prep and Junior School Take on the Harvest Challenge

On Thursday 26 October the Prep and Junior School held their annual Harvest Assembly.  The children were raising money for Mary’s Meals, a charity that does something very simple: it supports children and helps them to receive an education. The children receive a daily meal in a place of learning.

The Harvest Challenge 2017The children were set the challenge of raising enough money to feed, for a year, the same number of children as there are in the Prep and Junior School. It costs £13.90 to feed one child for an entire year, so the challenge was on to raise £5,198.60.

During the assembly Joe Black, from Mary’s Meals, spoke to the children about the charity and what their money would mean to children. The excitement in the Assembly Hall became evident as the classes poured their pots of money into containers. It was then back to the classrooms to count all the coins! The Prep and Junior pupils did an amazing job of counting, bagging and checking the money before the final amount was announced. 

An amazing £4,748.19 was raised. Joe Black form Mary’s Meals was delighted and keen to pass on his congratulations to the children. We did not quite reach our target but the Prep and Junior pupils are continuing to collect any odd change until Christmas in the hope they reach that final total. So far they have raised enough to provide 342 children with a daily meal in school for an entire year.

Well done to all the Prep and Junior Pupils!

Harvest Challenge Update January 2018

Pupils not only reached their target but passed it, raising £5,689.23 for Mary's Meals. They were also delighted to find that this amount was match-funded by anonymous donors, resulting in a final donation of £11,378.46! Our profound thanks for this generosity.