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CCF Royal Navy and Royal Marine National Regatta

This weekend a team of four Dollar pupils travelled to Southport to take part in the CCF National Sailing Regatta—the first time Dollar Academy has entered a team for this race, which attracts teams from all over the UK.

CCF Royal Navy and Royal Marine National RegattaThe first day of racing was exciting thanks to a gusty Force 6 Wind; there were plenty of capsized boats, and many more competitors found themselves in the water. Our Dollar boats were placing in the middle of the field at the start of the day, but they gradually began to make small gains as the day progressed.

On the second day the winds dropped and the racing became much more tactical. Dollar continued to move up the leader board and, in the all-important last race, where double points are awarded, Dollar won both their Gold and Silver class races taking them to the top of the leader board with the result that they were named the overall winners of the CCF Royal Navy and Royal Marine National Sailing Regatta. 

Dollar were crowned overall winners

The teams consisted of: Bente Kieckhofel and Charlotte Johns (both Form V) were the winners of the Gold Flight), and Catriona Laing (Form VI) and Anisha Burgul (Form IV) came 2nd place in the Silver Flight.