Making a Gift

Many of our Former Pupils choose to continue their legacy at Dollar Academy by making a financial gift for the benefit of our current and future pupils.   This support is very much appreciated by the school and allows us to continue delivering education of the highest standards.

The contributions of past benefactors have helped fund the construction of new department buildings.  Gifts from Former Pupils and Former Staff have contributed to our bursary funds, widening accessibility of the school to talented children who may not otherwise have been able to attend.  We also have legacies which provide travel scholarships and rewards to our current pupils and we frequently receive generous gifts towards the costs of equipment, tours and trips.

Dollar Academy is a very popular school and we are currently in a secure financial position, however it is important that we continue to develop in response to perceived needs which are listed in the annual School Development Plan.

We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss any contribution you would like to make for the benefit of our current and future generation.

The 1802 Foundation

The 1802 Foundation is the name of our annual giving programme, which allows Former Pupils, parents  and supporters the opportunity to contribute to a fund which will be used to provide the following benefits for future generations:

  • Bursaries for pupils who require financial support after a change in their circumstances.
  • Specific building projects.
  • Continued upgrading of teaching classrooms and boarding houses.

An annual report is produced to inform all benefactors of achievements made possible as a result of their donations.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the 1802 Foundation please contact us for further information.  We would also recommend that you speak with an independent financial adviser on how best to support this cause.  

The Captain John McNabb Society

The Captain John McNabb Society is a membership for those who have chosen to include a legacy to Dollar Academy in their will.

Dollar Academy was founded through a bequest from the Will of Captain John McNabb, a poor boy from the parish who sought his fortune at sea and became a rich London merchant.  

Since its foundation in 1818, Dollar Academy has influenced the lives of thousands of individuals by providing them with an excellent education in an outstanding setting.

Today, some 200 years later, gifts left from the wills of our Former Pupils remain an important source of income to Dollar Academy.

Membership of The Captain John McNabb Society remains confidential, recognition will be by regular communication and by an annual Captain John McNabb Society event which you will be invited to attend.

If you would like further information on the Captain John McNabb Society or would like to discuss your wishes to support the future of the school  through legacy giving, please contact Mr David Knapman, the Rector at Dollar Academy by email or telephone 01259 742 511.