Dollar Careers Convention 2018

Careers Convention

Every two years, the Academy holds a Careers Convention. This year's will be held on Wednesday 28 February from 7.00-9.15pm.

The format is as follows:

7.00pm -7.15pm  

All parents and pupils are invited to the Assembly Hall for a brief introductory session.

7.15pm -9.15pm            

Parents and pupils are free to circulate in the various career rooms and/or attend lectures.  (The list is yet to be finalised, but it is anticipated that it will cover a very broad range of the major occupations).  A directory of locations will be provided on the evening.

There will also be a programme of short lectures on professions in which particular interest has already been shown; these are likely to include Law, Medicine, Business, Engineering and Finance. The aim is to reduce the queues that have often developed in these areas. For reasons of timing, it is necessary to have lectures running simultaneously in different locations. Parents and pupils may have to make a choice, but will still be able to talk to professionals in the area they missed throughout the rest of the evening.

The evening is primarily intended for the pupils in the Senior School and their parents, should they wish to attend, but other adults who are interested are welcome to join us on this occasion. The aim of the evening is to provide an opportunity for pupils and parents to get a glimpse of a range of careers from those directly involved in them.

It is expected that over seventy presenters will be involved, and we are delighted that so many friends of the Academy, parents and Former Pupils are contributing their expertise.