Trips and visits

Dollar Academy runs a very wide range of trips to many different countries. There are exchanges with schools in France, Germany, Spain, Russia, China, and the US and recent cultural trips have included destinations such as Cuba and Japan. Ski trips and sports tours take place regularly, along with departmental trips such as Art to London and Paris, Business to New York, History to the Battlefields of France and Belgium, Geography to Colorado and Iceland, and many others.

In a Moroccan countryside community; in the mangrove swamps and diving islands of Malaysia; on the battlefields of the Somme; in a Berlin beauty salon; under the spotlights in the studio theatre; in a racing car workshop; on a remote Scottish hillside in gale force winds; in Downing Street; at the gates of Auschwitz; in James Joyce's Dublin and Haruki Murakami's Tokyo; in museums, galleries, parliaments, shopping malls, distilleries, milking sheds, factories, prisons, offices; in Prague, Washington, Havana, Madrid, Paris, Rome, London...Dollar pupils have been there.  

Read about the school trips planned in 2018-19: This document gives an overview of all the trips organised by Dollar Academy and will be updated as details change, or as new events are added. Please note costs given are approximate, and are given as a guide to the commitment only. 

Funding for additional overseas travel opportunities for Senior School pupils in Forms V and VI is available through the Cameron Travel Scholarship Trust and the William Dick Brown Travel Prize Trust.

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