Literary and Debating Society

To debate is to engage in a demanding process of argument, advocacy and rebuttal.  The ability to research ideas and to present a logical argument is vital, but debating also offers pupils the opportunity to stand before a lively audience of peers and defend
nulla point of view, often in the face of stiff opposition.  Our teams take part every year in all the main national and university competitions and are firmly recognised as a major force in Scottish debating. The junior and senior debating scenes are very lively with large groups meeting weekly and after school to develop an understanding of debating strategies and argumentation – skills that help our young speakers succeed at the highest levels.  

Wednesday 12:30pm – 1:20pm, P4 and P5

nullThe Literary and Debating Society also organises the annual Burns Supper, definitely one of the social and cultural highlights of Form VI.  The evening is always distinguished by stylish and witty speeches, recitations and fine musical performances that celebrate the life of Scotland’s greatest poet.  


Mr Neil McFadyean
Mrs Kate Murray
Mr Billy Prior

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