Jazz Orchestra (DAJO)


This activity is open to Senior School wind, brass and percussion instrumentalists who would like to play in a big band/jazz orchestra environment, with the opportunity to play Swing, Funk, Latin, Ballads and even the occasional little Rock chart.  The auditions for DAJO 1 are by a very short sight-reading test.  Pupils perform in the Usher Hall Christmas concert, the March concert, local events, the School Auditorium and at school dances

Tuesday and Friday, 12.50pm - 1.20pm, Music Department


This activity is open to all Form I and II pupils and offers them the experience of performing in live situations, building their confidence and skills in instrumental playing.   nullThe band have various opportunities for public performances, including a concert in the School Auditorium. 

Tuesday, 12.50pm-1.20pm, Music Department


Mrs Karol Fitzpatrick
Mr Andrew Morley
Mr David Christie
Mrs Mairi Leggatt
Mrs Louise Timney
Mrs Aileen Watson

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