Form VI Post Exam Programme 2017

The Form VI Post Examination Programme will take place from Monday 12 to Thursday 29 June 2017.  We have put together a programme of educational events, lectures, volunteering opportunities, sporting and recreational activities etc. that we think will be of value and that will also ensure your son/daughter enjoys their last month at Dollar Academy.

Form VI Post Exam ProgrammeLeaving home, going to a new city, or even country, meeting new people, learning in a different environment, establishing new social norms, dealing with personal finance, independence and new responsibilities, as well as starting at university or a new job involve huge change bringing excitement, opportunity but also numerous challenges. Being self-aware and prepared for these changes provides some level of security. Too often students' expectation that they should sail through challenging experiences without incident can add to their anxieties. One of the aims of this programme is to make explicit to our pupils some of the hazards they may face and to prepare them, as much as we can, for the challenges ahead.

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