Volunteering is an important requirement of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards and is all about making a difference to other people’s lives.

From conservation to youth work to fundraising for your favourite charity or caring for animals, there’s an endless list of the types of projects you can get involved in and there are plenty of opportunities on offer at Dollar Academy.

As a guide, we have provided a list of some of the volunteering activities taken up by Dollar pupils in the past:

  • Assisting with after-school sporting activities for younger pupils. Our rugby and hockey coaches in particular have appreciated the help provided by volunteer pupils in the past. Speak directly with the staff member involved.
  • Riding for the DisabledAssisting adults who run sporting activities outside the school. Consult with local organisers of sports clubs in your area.
  • Assisting in the After School Club for Prep School pupils. Enquiries should be directed to Mrs Barbour in the Prep School. Places are open to pupils in Forms IV - VI only.
  • Volunteering as a School Library Assistant. Contact the School Librarian to find out if there are vacancies available.
  • Promoted rank within the School CCF. Pupils who have a promoted rank within the CCF and regularly contribute to the running of the CCF may use this to satisfy the requirements of the volunteering section.
  • Helper in local Old People Care Centre. Volunteers are usually welcome – ask about helping out at your local Old Peoples Care Centre.
  • Helping people with needs in the local neighbourhood You can volunteer help by regularly visiting an elderly or disabled person to provide company, conversation or to do odd jobs.
  • Helper for local Cub Scouts or Brownies. Consult with the leader of your local Cub or Scout group. Reliable volunteer helpers are appreciated.Dollar Academy Library
  • Volunteer worker for a Charity Shop. Many of our pupils in the past have helped out in their local charity shops who appreciate the help of reliable volunteers. Call in at your local charity shop and consult with the shop manager.
  • 'Study buddy’ project with children from the Woodside Unit in Clackmannan. Placements for Gold candidates only. This is an opportunity to help children from the Woodside Residential Unit with their academic studies. It requires a long term commitment of 12 months and is managed by the Clackmannashire Social Services department. Those interested should see Mr Johns in D10.
  • Peer tutoring in the Support for Learning Department. Opportunities exist to help fellow pupils with their learning by acting as a pupil tutor in the Support for Learning department. This requires a long term commitment and is open to Form VI pupils only. Interested pupils should speak with Mrs McDougall.
  • Forth Valley Riding for the Disabled group often require volunteers to help with maintenance tasks such as fence fixing, weed eradication and clearing their field.
  • Helping out with a local  parkrun on either a Saturday or Sunday morning.
  • Volunteering with a disabled athletics group at Pitreavie in Dunfermline.

Download a PDF version of Volunteering Opportunities.