Support for Pupils


There may be periods of time when your child may require guidance and advice on a whole range of academic and/or wellbeing issues. At Dollar Academy pupils are encouraged to talk to any teacher with whom they feel comfortable on any matter where support is needed, academic or personal. However, central to our support for pupils in the Senior School is our dedicated guidance team consisting of Heads and Assistant Heads of Year, and our school counsellor.

Our Heads and Assistant Heads of Year for 2017-2018 are:

  •  Form I      Dr R  Johnson (Head), Ms S Hussain (Assistant Head) 
  • Form II     Mr N F Blezard (Head),   Mrs K Caine (Assistant Head) 
  • Form III    Mrs P Webster (Head),  Mr F Muirhead (Assistant Head)
  • Form IV    Mr C Smith (Head), Mrs T L Livingstone (Assistant Head)
  • Form V     Mrs C Childs (Head),   Mr N G McEwan (Assistant Head) 
  • Form VI    Miss G M McCord (Head),   Mr D A H Johnston (Assistant Head) 
  • All Years   School Counsellor - Mrs F Mackie

Support in the Classroom

We recognise that some children encounter barriers to learning during their time at school and we are able to support the specific learning needs of our Senior School pupils in our Support for Learning Department.