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Mrs Vicky Mason


Miss Sheila Cannon
Mrs Catherine Childs
Mr Robert Durran
Mr Duncan Gibb
Mr Paul McKay
Mr Iain Mackenzie
Mrs Fiona Stewart (Form I & II Coordinator)
Mrs Linda Taylor

Our principal aim is to help each pupil to achieve his or her full mathematical potential. With this in mind, pupils are taught in ability groupings until Form V.  Lower sets are smaller, typically 10 pupils, whilst the top sets number approximately 25.  Every effort is made to support and challenge all pupils; those in lower sets benefit from individual help and the upper sets take part in many national competitions, often with great success.

nullPupils enter Form I from a range of mathematical backgrounds.  To ensure that all pupils develop the same essential skills, all sets follow the same basic curriculum in Forms I and II.  Differentiation between sets is achieved by varying the degree of depth rather than varying pace.  Upper sets, therefore, work through a rich array of problems and the lower sets gain reliable fluency with numbers and shape, and confidence with the first steps in algebra.

Subject specialisation after Form IV allows the further study of Mathematics, with opportunity for in-depth study into Applied Mathematics.

Competitions and Challenges

nullDollar has a strong record in Mathematics competitions.  Pupils from upper sets take part in the individual UK Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematical Challenges, most winning certificates and some qualifying for further rounds.  Every year we have a large number of entries for the Scottish Mathematical Council Challenge with a substantial number of prize winners.

nullIn team competitions, we have an enviable record in the Scottish Enterprising Mathematics Competition, the team from Forms 3 and 4 regularly reaching the final, and we also have an excellent record in the UK Team Challenge and Senior Team Challenge, with teams twice reaching the London final of each in recent years.

nullEvery year we also run the 'Mathematical Merry Go Round', an internal competition for pupils in the Junior School.


Form IV: National 5 and 4 Mathematics
Form V:  Higher Mathematics
Form VI: Advanced Higher Mathematics, Advanced Higher Mathematics of Mechanics and Advanced Higher Statistics

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