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Geography is the study of the interaction between humans and the environment, with nulla focus on contemporary issues such as global warming, famine and poverty. Often considered a link subject, Geography can bring together aspects of many other subjects and put them together in context.

Our study of Geography in Forms I and II incorporates the experiences and outcomes of a Curriculum for Excellence and builds on the topics covered in the Junior School.  

Subject specialisation offers the opportunity for the onward study of Geography and Environmental Science. Both areas of study are instrumental in understanding our dynamic planet and in devising national and international  policies linked to sustainability and climate change.


The outdoor classroom and fieldtrips are a valuable resource for geographical study and are used extensively at Dollar.

Form I and II have the opportunity of visiting the French and Swiss Alps to look at glaciation and the impact of human activity on the alpine environment. 

Form III have a residential trip to the limestone scenery of the Yorkshire Dales in Term 3.

Form IV-VI may choose to visit the American Southwest to look at the changing climate from San Francisco to Death Valley to the Grand Canyon; pupils conduct a case study of the Colorado River and Hoover Dam.

The Higher Environmental Science class visit Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve to measure changes across sand dune successions.

As well as a residential trip to Aberfeldy, the Advanced Higher Geography class undertake detailed fieldwork in the local area as a part of their own personal field study.


Form IV: National 5 Geography
Form V:  Higher Geography
Form VI: Advanced Higher Geography and Higher Environmental Science

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June 2016: Alps Trip

May 2015: Malham Trip, Yorkshire Dales

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