Course Choices

Our pupils initially study a broad range of subjects, with course choices for subject specialisation in Form III, Form V and Form VI.   

  • Towards the end of Form II, pupils will make their first subject choice for Form III, where they will begin a two year study towards National Qualifications in seven subjects.
  • Our pupils will make their next subject choice as they move in to Form V and begin their one year study towards Scottish Highers.  Our pupils usually choose five subjects to study at this level and it will be on the basis of these results that most will make their university application.
  • The final subject selection takes place in Form VI.  Pupils have the opportunity for continued study into three or four of their subjects at Advanced Higher, a level broadly equivalent to A-level, along with specialised courses in preparation for university study. 


Subject Choice Booklet Form II to Form III 2019 

Subject Choice Booklet Form IV to V 2019   

Subject Choice Booklet: Form V to Form VI 2019