Careers Resources

Good career planning involves research, to help reach a realistic and well-informed career choice. Thinking about your skills, generating career ideas and finding out about entry requirements are all important aspects in reaching a decision relating to future careers and courses. 

Research can take many forms, but a useful starting point can be online resources. Listed below are a number of general careers websites to which pupils and parents can refer. 


Comprehensive website covering subject choice, training and studying, occupational information and applying for work.   

Easy to use, comprehensive site, which includes useful careers A-Z section.  

Access to over 1000 career video stories, detailed job information, plus practical tips and advice.

Comprehensive information on the job market for students, graduates and school leavers.     

Good resource for parents to support their child in the decision making process. Sections include Choosing a Career and Higher Education.  

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Accountancy  How to become a Chartered Accountant
Actuary Become an actuary
Architect RIBA -  Becoming an Architect
Air Traffic Controller Careers
Airline Pilot Become a Pilot
Armed Services Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force
Beauty Therapy / Hairdressing  Careers and apprenticeships
Chemical Engineer  
Civil Engineer Careers and professional development
Computing / IT Students & Careers – careers information
Construction   Apprenticeships
Creative Industries Creative choices – Design & Performing Arts
Dance Council for Dance Education & Training
Dentist  Students – Careers and Education
Dietitian Careers – about Dietetics
Diplomatic Service Working for FCO
Engineering (General)   
Engineering & Manufacturing Technologies  
Electrician  Apprenticeships
Fire fighter  Work with us
Forensic scientist University course accreditation scheme 
Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism   
Interior Designer Education
Journalist Want to be a journalist?
Library and Information Professionals Careers 
Medicine  How to become a Doctor
Merchant Navy   
NHS Careers Careers A-Z
Nurse Education & Training – Nursing & Midwifery
Occupational Therapy OT as a career
Optometrist   How to Qualify – careers in optometry
Pharmacist    Industry info – Careers website
Physiotherapist Career Development–a career in Physiotherapy
Podiatry/chiropody Careers 
Police       Recruitment
Primary Teacher  Entry requirements for Primary Teaching
Psychologist Careers, Education & Training
Secondary Teacher   Entry requirements for Secondary Teaching
Social Worker Education & Careers – Want to be a SW?
Solicitor  Education Careers  Beginners guide
Advice and guidance for young people interested in a law career
Speech and Language Therapist Speech & Language Therapy – Careers guide
Sport  Jobs and profiles
Surveyor Careers – your surveying career
Town Planner Education & Careers – Become a planner
Veterinary Surgeon Education – I want to be a vet

Resources list compiled by Mrs Isobel Willox, Careers Advisor