Pastoral Care

In the Prep and Junior School we aim to provide an environment that enables and encourages every child to develop to the very best of their ability.  Every aspect of a child's development is important and we hope to foster confidence and self- respect through valuing the contributions of all and by encouraging children to develop friendships and interests as widely as possible,

Each class teacher has pastoral oversight of the children in his or her care and closely monitors each child's academic progress as well as taking an active part in their social development.

Outside the classroom our Teachers' Assistants are always on hand to offer a friendly ear and encouraging word during playtime or when escorting the younger pupils around campus.

Working in partnership with parents is important to us and we encourage parents to be involved  in their child's education - our doors are always open should there be any cause for concern, no matter how small.

nullThis is a friendly, positive and supportive environment, which has given my son the confidence to  shine in the classroom."

Parent of Prep School pupil