Co-curricular and Trips

Dollar Academy has a rich co-curricular programme and our children, even from a very young age, enjoy the range of activities on offer during lunchtimes and after school.

A wide variety of activities take place during lunchtimes and after school.  All children are encouraged to participate to widen their skills and interests for the future.  Interschool rugby, hockey, tennis, cricket and athletics fixtures commence in the Junior School and recent records are outstanding.  

To enrich and enhance the class based learning, trips are arranged to a variety of local places of interest.  Junior 1 pupils enjoy a two-night trip away, most recently to Ford Castle, County Durham, while Junior 2 pupils enjoy 5 days at Benmore in Argyll.

Participation in these activities helps to develop confidence, creativity and teamwork in our children. We strongly believe that an active life encourages a love of learning and this is central to Dollar’s philosophy."

Mr Geoff Daniel,  Deputy Rector