Prep & Junior School

The Prep and Junior Schools are located within the same campus as the Senior School and allow children to begin their Dollar education from the age of five.

Our Prep School looks after the first years of primary education (from P1 to P5) and our Junior School takes children through the last two years before Senior School (P6 to P7).  Our Junior School plays an important  transitional role in preparing our pupils for their move to Senior School.

Within these safe yet stimulating environments children are able to learn and encouraged to develop their confidence, interests and abilities as widely as possible.  While the emphasis within the classroom is in giving our pupils a solid grounding in all aspects of English and Mathematics, their learning is based around a broad curriculum which benefits from specialist teaching in Art, Music and P.E. from Primary 1 onwards.

Wherever possible, we take learning out of the primary classroom and into other parts of the school, taking advantage of the superb facilities and beautiful grounds.

We take pride in fostering good manners and politeness and we have high expectations for behaviour and achievement.  From this firm foundation children are equipped to make a seamless transition through school.